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3D PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING - 3D ads, signs, logo, characters, 3D price tabs, product models, totems, 3D billboards /

3D MODELS FOR EVENTS AND MARKETING - scenography for events, fairs, concerts / decorating business and sales space, windows /

FURNITURE DESIGN - counters, stands selling space, furniture for offices, a wellness center (great for hydrophobic properties of the material) games, schools, kindergardens, home accessories /

3D PROMO FOR VEHICLES - we offer a new service in the field of market communication and promotion, creation of innovative 3D advertising for vehicle /

DECORATIVE WALLS - making perforated spatial barriers and relief decoration for the walls /
- Anamorphic innovative painting and decorating > interior, exterior, offices, architectural surfaces / murals / graffiti / aerosol painting /

INTERIOR DESIGN, 3D GRAPHICS - 3D floor and wall graphics, unique wall design /

CG - GRAPHIC DESIGN, complete solutions for print, visual identity, illustration, 3D animation, 3D Architectural and Design Visualization, digital advertising, graphic for movies and tv. production /

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